SheepShaver Install Debian

SheepShaver Install Debian

So I found out about MacintoshGarden, and was interested in trying a couple of the games. I had a (not very) good time setting up the emulator (as someone who’s not super familiar with Mac history or anything), and thought I’d write it down here.


  1. Grab the source code, I used kanjitalk755’s repo, for no real good reason except the main guide I was looking at used it.

  2. Run the commands as listed in the Linux/SheepShaver section, I needed to install libsdl2-dev as well.

  3. When running make after configuring, I got undefined reference to symbol 'XDisplayName', which you can fix by sticking -lX11 on the end of line 23 of the makefile: LIBS = -lpthread -lm -lSDL2 -lX11


  1. At this point make succeeded, but I needed a ROM. I grabbed the At this point make succeeded, but I needed a ROM. I grabbed thenewworld86.rom.zipfrom [Redundant Robot's guide][4], as well as OS9.0.0.iso` (you could probably go straight for the installer, but I ran the pre-installed image first for testing and stuff).

  2. First run: Cannot map Low Memory Globals: Invalid agument error, this can be fixed temporarily by running sysctl -w vm.mmap_min_addr="0" as root

  3. I ran SheepShaver --rom newworld86.rom, and got ERROR: Cannot obtain appropriate X visual., the forums didn’t really help, got the usual ‘run it as sudo :)’ fix (which didn’t work anyway). The error message seems to only be used once, at video_x.cpp:923. A bit of poking around in that file made me realise I should probably recompile with the DEBUG macro set to 1. When I did that… it worked…, I think maybe the build failing had somehow borked it? I disabled debug, cleaned and ran again and I got a window with a laggy cursor!

  4. Now run SheepShaver --rom newworld86.rom --cdrom OS9.img

  5. Oops, apparently there isn’t enough ram available to run Shutdown, better fix that (and also the cursor): SheepShaver --rom newworld86.rom --cdrom OS9.img --ramsize 1000000000 --harcursor true (1 GB seemed sufficiently more than the average user would’ve had) just gave it a gb /shrug).

  6. Now to install the OS ourselves

    1. Grab the Mac OS 9.0.0.toast image from MacintoshGarden

    2. Create a (10gb) disk image with this command dd if=/dev/zero of=OS9_drive.img bs=1032192 count=10000

    3. Run with --drive OS9_drive.img --cdrom Mac\ OS\ 9.0.0.toast

    4. You’ll get a prompt about formating the drive (I’m glad it’s not running

      as root!).

    5. Run through the installer, I added in the japanese language pack under options

    6. Reboot without --cdrom, with --disk OS9_drive.img


You can edit preferences at ~/.sheepsaver_prefs, I suppose sheepshaver automatically sets it at first run, here are the lines I set myself

hardcursor true
scale_integer true
scale_nearest true
rom /home/djl/doc/emu/mac/newworld86.rom
disk /home/djl/doc/emu/mac/OS9_disk.img
ramsize 1000000000


I still haven’t got networking or sound to work… but I’m going to bed for now ;)

I’ll update this when I get that stuff working

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