Org Mode, Literate Programming, Etc.

So I briefly tried Org mode yesterday – being a Vim user I install emacs + spacemacs. To immediately de-rail the post I’ll comment on my thoughts of (spac)emacs – the idea that this text editor has some loading time (even if it is only a couple of seconds – much better than VSCode which I use at work), turns me off it. Additionally the idea that people can (and do) integrate their email, rss and god knows what else directly into their editor deeply upsets me. Back on track now with Org mode…

I was honestly underwhelmed, actually using it seemed to subtract from the ‘magic’ of the thing. However I think the idea of literate programming comes quite close to what I wanted to achieve in this blog.

When I wrote up this system (long ago enough now that I don’t actually recall if this was implemented), I wanted a system that allowed me to inline snippets of code. Stuff like “At the time of writing ([clock format [clock seconds] -format %H])…”. Ideally this would be available client side, rather than implemented as compile time “macro” of sorts.

I think my difficulty in grasping the problem was that I was intending to “compile” at all, in my brief usage of Org mode and a bit of usage with vim-wiki, I realise that really what I want is an extension of markdown with this inline scripting support – similar to Org mode’s code block functionality. I have achieved something similar using Web Components and JavaScript on my “"professional”“ homepage, however I’d prefer to achieve this with a simple plain-text consumable format.

Obviously this poses a significant security risk if the inlined code was executed automatically (which is sort of my vision at the moment – see the “age” code block on my homepage). So perhaps a method where the user could opt to execute when they reached a section would need to be implemented.

In other news, today (2020-11-14) I made a terrarium – it was fun! I hope that the plants survive however, as I simply plucked some shoots from the backyard, along with some moss and arranged it to look pretty. Maybe I’ll follow up on how they go when I get around to writing here 6 months later ;)

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